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His leather and boot fetishes are as strong as ever. About a half an hour after hubby walked out the door I was sitting here alone and just burst out crying for a few minutes.

Another few minutes passed before she gots up and walked over to my chair, the sound of Her heels further reinforcing Her Female authority. Mature milf pussy pic. Dominant wife blogs. I guess that I should also caution them that it may take quite some time to adapt to the emotional fluctuations that they will likely experience.

Which is exactly what I did last night. I think tonight I will have him take care of me when the baby leaves. My wife deserves more, and I wanted to make sure she got it. Let her log a few after-work hours in the La-Z-Boy with a magazine and a Merlot. It was humiliating for me because in their world of the housekeeper they were in charge. I went from crop to flogger to cat to paddle to tawse to strap to cane.

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I appreciate all the e-mails from my blog readers, wishing me a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday and some begging me to come back to blogging on a regular basis. We are still happily married and I still dominate him. Driving with cock out. It felt so good to push him around, position him where I wanted, do what I wanted to him.

He circled my ass hole with his tongue and pushed deep over and over. I want Kelly to do more of the household chores. I also asked that He send me some sort of positive reinforcement that He was pleased with the ministry. Dominant wife blogs. As the beta-male it was no longer my decision when I would be allowed to orgasm or how that orgasm would be achieved. Sex will be better and hotter for both--and more frequent.

This morning I went up to tuck cagedmonkey in and we were snuggling and kissing and all of a sudden I felt that urge.

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